B2B technology companies face
four critical phases of growth.

 Each has it's own critical marketing objectives.
Each comes with it's own set of potential pitfalls.


It's hard to find, afford, or retain experienced marketing leadership during the early stages.

Failure to get the right guidance can be success-limiting.
I offer affordable interim, or project-based expertise to help you attain your goals.

I align the four key aspects of marketing that must work together to drive growth through each phase.

Building a successful marketing function requires each one.
I help you optimize the ones you need.

Story &

Getting the attention of your customers, analysts, and investors


Lead Generation Programs

Aligning budgets and activities with your sales team and revenue goals. 



 Infrastructure & Automation

A well integrated set of tools to execute the plan and measure the results.


Team &

Creating an effective and sustainable marketing department.